Because Fans are your Biggest Asset

Moneyball - It's the first Tv Ads management platform that connects Clubs, Brands and Fans - Powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Step-up your Audience Targeting.

Select your desired outcome and let our AI predict, test and optimize each piece of content against every possible variable to deliver the lowest cost-per-outcome. AI automatically pushes every variation of headlines, images, audience interests, demographics, and devices as separate ad variations to your desired ad channels through API and optimizes bids and budgets in real-time to deliver the lowest cost-per-outcome.


Ad Recognition Powered
by AI.

The Ad Recognition artificial intelligence empowering streaming publishers to identify which advertiser is about to run programmatically, ensuring optimal ad deduplication for a seamless ad experience on Connected TV.


Applying Machine Learning
to Sports

Sports is equivalent to motion, people and objects moving in different speeds and directions. The capability to track moving objects and analyze them plays a crucial role since allow us to display the ads without any friction to the user.


Server Side
Ad Platform

Give your users the TV experience they deserve by delivering a seamless stream of content and ads. Nothing is more frustrating than losing ad revenue and delivering a poor user experience because of technical errors. Moneyball focuses on delivering the highest quality ad to each available ad slots.


Football Fans Worldwide


Sports Advertising Market

90 minutes

Fans engagment


Games per season

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Billions. The Power of Sports Fans for Marketing.

There are 3.5 Billion Football Fans Worldwide watching the “Game” per season.


Moneyball is a one-stop solution to manage fans engagement and monetization.

OTT Header Bidding

Run a Unified auction between leading video SSPs & direct demand

Audience Management

First & third-party data segmentation to increase inventory value.

Campaign Management

Including cross-device frequency capping & pacing capabilities.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion built for programmatic scale

Ad Pod Automation

Deliver unique, non-competitive ads within your live ad breaks

Advanced Analytics

Single access to all of your CTV data: Revenue, Auctions, Bidders, Audience behavior & more.

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